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1st International Congress on Transport Research

Transportation research: state-of-art, priorities and prospects, exploitation of results

The Transportation Research Congress entitled “Transportation research: state-of-art, priorities and prospects, exploitation of results” which took place in Athens in February 2002, constituted the initiative action of a series of events organized under the cooperation of the research and professional community in the domain of transport, with emphasis in Greece.

The International Scientific Committee of the Congress, which comprised of top scientists of the domain, has put effort into developing a thematically complete set of sessions, with emphasis on the methods and practice in transportation, and the goals established for the exploitation of the science and the resources. The Conference Programme addressed all recent progress and results that fall within the framework of the sessions, as well as other key issues in transportation research field.

The Hellenic Association Institute of Transportation Engineers (SES) and the Hellenic Institute of Transport (H.I.T.) of the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH) organized the two-day congress in such a way so that the various involved bodies get the opportunity to attend key note speeches, technical presentations, round table discussion, and exchange opinions during the coffee breaks and other social events which are also scheduled in parallel to the main program.

1st Congress Thematic Areas
  • Transport Network Management – Algorithms
  • Freight and maritime transport
  • Simulation and Optimization Techniques
  • Telematics Applications
  • General Applications
  • Road Safety issues
  • Transport Policy issues
  • Air Transport issues
  • Transport economics issues
  • Round table discussion: How close is TransportResearch in Greece to the industry and the needs of its “users”?

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